….another one opens. You are standing in your kitchen opening and closing kitchen cabinets, looking for a spice that you know has to be somewhere or making a lot of noise trying to locate a pot that is at the end of the cupboard and all of a sudden think-wouldn’t it be nice to have new kitchen cabinets with rotating Lazy Suzan or well organized pull-out spice rack?  You start playing with the idea in your head and looking up pictures of kitchen cabinets online. So many options, so many different styles, colors.

Let’s zoom in on kitchen cabinets. When choosing the cabinets, you first need to think of the overall look of the kitchen you are aiming for. Do you like a simple and clean look or would you like a more dramatic or rustic style? White or light gray shaker cabinets, paired with nice and sleek countertops and backsplash, fit the clean look perfectly. Choose Dark Sapphire blue or Espresso color for a more dramatic look or Cognac or Chocolate Brown for French Country style. Whatever you choose,  make sure it pairs well with the countertop and backsplash.

It’s important to think how you can maximize the space that you have. Do you want the cabinets to run all the way to the ceiling or you want space between the ceiling and cabinets? Do you have space for a kitchen island? What kind of hardware you like? Do you prefer knobs or handles? What color? What style? Do you want to have any accent cabinets with glass doors? Do you want under or above cabinet lights? If you have an open concept living, it’s important to make sure that the look of the kitchen works well with the rest of the living space. It’s a lot to think when planning a new kitchen.

It’s a lot to think about when planning a new kitchen. GC Services of GA can help you get started by asking the best questions and guide you through the process offering the best solutions.

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