When planning for a new kitchen, some people feel more comfortable choosing from an existing design and layout and some feel the need for a more customized option.

Let’s take a look at what to consider when choosing between a custom and a pre-manufactured kitchen.

With a pre-manufactured kitchen, the cabinets are, as the name suggests, pre-manufactured/pre-cut and come in different styles and colors. The only decision then to make is what color and style would work and choose the best layout for a particular kitchen. Of course, there are also options as to the width of the cabinets and drawers but these options are limited to the pre-determined sizes and measurements.

With a custom kitchen the choices are pretty much endless-only limited to your imagination, budget and space. Want the kitchen doors open forward-no problem, want them in a unique material, color or stain-consider it done, want a wine rack or book shelf as part of the cabinets-go for it!

When choosing a custom kitchen, it is best to work with a professional designer to make sure all your ideas will find the best aesthetic and have a functional outcome.

GC Services of GA has two custom designers that are available to discuss your kitchen needs and wants.

Probably the biggest thing to consider when you are planning for a custom kitchen is your budget. It will come at premium price, yet the outcome will be a truly unique, functional and beautiful space that you can enjoy.